Rosanna Road

A safer Rosanna Road for our community

Rosanna Road is a key arterial road, with two lanes of traffic running in each direction. Rosanna Road is a residential area, serviced by several schools and home to Heidelberg park. It also contains Warringal Shopping Centre and the busy Burgundy Street shops.

Rosanna Road has been allowed by successive State Governments – Labor and Liberal – to be overloaded with heavy vehicles. Despite being populated by residential houses and never designed for heavy truck traffic, it was purposefully scheduled as B-Double truck route and an over-dimensional route. Four lanes were squeezed in an area only wide enough for three. It is plagued by accidents leading to serious injury, and power poles are regularly knocked over by wayward truck loads.

Rosanna Road poses immense health risks to pedestrians and drivers, with unsafe traffic conditions and rising levels of noise and air pollution.

Samantha Dunn MP on Rosanna Road

Rosanna Road

The voices of Rosanna Road’s residents have fallen on deaf ears for far too long. This needs to be fixed, and it needs to be fixed now.

Posted by Samantha Dunn on Thursday, April 12, 2018

Map of Rosanna Road

Rosanna Road

The North East Link is not a solution

Predicted modelling indicates traffic will change from 43-47,000 vehicles per day to 42,000 vehicles per day once the North East Link opens. Furthermore, we will need to live through 10 years of inconvenience during the construction phase. For what?

Many trucks are notorious for avoiding tolls. They will continue to use Rosanna Road and avoid the expected high tolls on the North East Link. Critically, oversized trucks and dangerous goods will have no choice but to use Rosanna Road, as they will be banned from tunnels.

Congestion and pollution will only worsen, as the toll road will simply encourage more cars and create new traffic bottlenecks along entrance and exit points.

The construction of the North East Link toll road is a poor use of public resources, carrying significant social, economic and environmental drawbacks.

We need action now. For a fraction of the $15.8 billion allocated to North East Link, we can find a better solution.

The Greens Solution

Our community can’t wait another 10 years for a toll road that won’t work. We need to improve the safety of Rosanna Road now, before it’s too late.

The Greens will invest $30 million to investigate and implement real solutions to Rosanna Road. These include:

  • Consult traffic experts and community on the best traffic treatments for the local area.
  • Consider road restrictions such as reduced speed limits up to 50km/h; freight traffic bans in Jika Street; and overnight truck curfews, enforced through Road Safety Cameras and remote surveillance systems.
  • Working with experts to investigate traffic quietening solutions such as reducing from two to single lanes plus a centre turning lane with traffic islands for pedestrian refuge, widening the nature strip and/or installing roundabouts.
  • Investigate the feasibility of relocating power poles.
  • Restructure intersections at Banyule Road, St James Road, Station Road and Darebin Street to improve overall safety of pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. This includes providing turning lanes of best practice road width and setback between vehicle stopping points and pedestrian cross-walks.
  • Enforce and review current truck bans.
  • Constructing pedestrian and cycle links over or under Rosanna Rd, to enable safe access to services and amenities on either side of Rosanna Road.
  • As an interim traffic management tool, contain freight traffic to a single lane each way.

creating a north east we all want to see

As the member for Eastern Metropolitan, Samantha Dunn MP has used every opportunity to speak up for the community. Samantha Dunn MP will work tirelessly in the community to:

  • Develop a comprehensive alternative infrastructure plan to protect Melbourne’s liveability.
  • Force the Government to be fully open and transparent with information about the proposed toll road, including acquisitions, the business case and local traffic impacts.
  • Work with the community and experts to ensure their voices are heard in the Environmental Effects Statement process.
  • Pressure local MPs and Councillors to oppose the project.

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