Alternative Projects MAP

At $15.8 billion, the North East Link will be the world’s most expensive road per kilometre, yet it won’t fix Melbourne’s traffic problems. 

With that kind of money, there are better longer-term fixes that will have a greater impact while improving the lives of residents in the North-East. The map below illustrates The Greens’ plan for a more liveable North East. 

creating a north east we all want to see

As the member for Eastern Metropolitan, Samantha Dunn MP has used every opportunity to speak up for the community. Samantha Dunn MP will work tirelessly in with the community to:
  • Develop a comprehensive alternative infrastructure plan to protect Melbourne’s liveability.
  • Force the Government to be fully open and transparent with information about the proposed toll road, including acquisitions, the business case and local traffic impacts.
  • Work with the community and experts to ensure their voices are heard in the Environmental Effects Statement process.
  • Pressure local MPs and Councillors to oppose the project.

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