Our Liveable City

What kind of Melbourne do you want to live in?

Melburnians are stuck in traffic. Building more roads only leads to more congestion. It’s time for smarter solutions

We need a Melbourne that has the kind of public transport that gives people real choice, puts our wellbeing before toll company profits, values green open space and takes trucks off our roads through modern freight solutions.

We’re fighting for a Melbourne for Melburnians, not toll road profits.

It’s time to do things differently.

Better Public Transport Options

Public transport can move far more people than roads. As it does, in cities from London to Singapore. Which is why modern cities don’t build major freeways anymore.

Green spaces for critters and people

Green spaces are part of what makes Melbourne great. We need to protect them, so Melbournians have places to walk the dog, play footy and breath, and our birds, plants and animals have space to thrive within our city.

A fair transport system

You could be forgiven for thinking that the major parties represent Transurban, and not the people of Victoria. We need a transport system which prioritises getting people from A to B, not corporate profits.

Decentralised working

Our city is structured to force us all to commute in one direction. Creating dynamic business hubs such as Dandenong and Box Hill, and encouraging flexible working practices will ease the load on the city centre, allow people to work from home or close to home, and ease congestion for all.



For too long, Victoria’s infrastructure has been focused around toll road company profits ahead of good sustainable planning.

The Victorian Greens will build a better Victoria, spending less time in cars and more time with families. The Victorian Greens will:

  • Develop a comprehensive alternative infrastructure plan to protect Melbourne’s liveability.
  • Force the Government to be fully open and transparent with information about new infrastructure projects.
  • Work with the community and experts to ensure their voices are heard.

Help make our city the Melbourne we want.